10 October 2010

Well a new format for the website should be up by the end of next week so that I will be able to post live via a Twitter feed. The new function will enable me to post on the move without access to a computer.

15 October 2010

Tried various new designs but the main issue I have was that the side bar on the right, which really needs to be redesigned completely – but left alone for now. I like seeing all the major pages on the right so working on suitable alternative. Anyway we’ll see if I can handle looking at the update before spreading it to the rest of the website. Aside from working on a new survey which will be posted for the next update! So hope you like the new interactive sidebar now with Twitter!

31 October 2010

Having issues with the server hence been quite busy trying to sort things out. Things always seem to go wrong when you are about to do some thing interesting. In my case it is getting the new sidebar and surveys up to date. So it looks like I’ll have to work out an alternate method to auto collect surveys. It think its got to do with updated security so could be the usual method could be permanently offline. Anyway I’ll be working on a alternative!

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