While driving this week an incident reminded me of why people just don’t like  scooter riders and hence motorcycle riders. This is a common attitude held by many in my part of the world and does not apply everywhere! You see most people don’t really care if motorcycle or scooters want to line split when stopped in traffic BUT when they hold up traffic at the lights then most get really annoyed. If you’re going to line split to the front then show curtsey to order road users and move off as fast as possible when the lights change. Don’t be a loser and stuff around you give all riders a bad reputation reinforcing the stereotype. If you have a slow scooter or bike than wait like everyone else behind someone who is faster.

Then the other incident where two riders decide to have a conversation at the lights rather than watching the lights or traffic. I regard this as dangerous. The road is not a coffee shop.

Anyway enough complaints about other riders I do a car one next week!

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