There is still not much Hayabusa specific news to report. Overall  it does seem like a post GFC world trend and together with lower petrol prices has impacted on the uptake of motorcycles and scooters. Namely it has reduced, however it means that relative gas guzzlers like the Hayabusa – thanks to HUGE performance have also taken a hit in sales. Sure a car is nice a comfy but it does lack that connection with the environment. I enjoy both modes of transport but also appreciate taking the train or bus around.

Thus, due to the lack of news I’ve been working on a new design for this website. According to website statistics screen sizes have grown and this design does seem a tad small. Mind you there does not seem to be an ultimate authority on computer screen resolution size so looking as various other websites (search – popular screen resolution) Everyone says it is now 1024×768 pixels or higher so check your computer monitor size and tell me if you can! Regardless I’m expanding the borders so stay tuned for the next redesign – that way I won’t have to do it again for the next five or so years or what ever. (2011 Update: you’re looking at it right now!)

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