Mazda 2

Welcome to the review of the Mazda2 from 2011. It’s the first car review detailing the various reasons how I ended up buying my own small car. You see I haven’t been able to decide what sort of replacement motorcycle I wanted after the DN01, so to fill a void I ended buying a small car. When I started out the researching phase there was very little emotion involved  as this car was merely a transportation until I can find the motorcycle I truly wanted. It was never going to be a new car, only a used of second hand car will meet my minimal price range.

The first small car I tested was the Mazda 2 after all it is one of the most popular small cars in Australia for many reasons and I needed to have a look at one. Unfortunately there aren’t that many on the used market at the time of shopping for some reason.

The 2011 Mazda2 series 2 was a good looking car it’s got nice lines and overall well proportioned. The main flaw was the the wheel tyre combo appears a little small compared to the body, anyone to spoke to about the Mazda 2 had the same comment. However the design hasn’t aged that badly which was one of the reasons I tested it out. The metallic green was the hero colour at the time of launch

The interior of the Mazda 2 is odd, the design is modern but is typically what you’d expect in a small car and a hatchback. There is minimal equipment hard plastics that look and feel hard. While it has a standard CD player the AUX port was a most important feature since there was no easy way to update the very ordinary stereo system in functionality and sound quality for something more modern and functional was the major turn off. The interior while quite spacious lacked enough interior storage spots for daily items or trash both open and covered spots.  The seats where Ok but there are better ones I’ve tried. The interior design was also more youthful in appearance clearly indicating its target market and this was also a flaw.

Used or 2nd cars are a great indicator of the build quality and reliability of the car and the Mazda2 passes the medium term wear test. None of the cars I looked at showed a common excessive wear spots and although some where a little untidy they seems to hold up quite well.  The interior hard plastics do scratch and the external unprotected doors are prone to dings, which don’t really matter since all cars get them. The Mazda2’s mechanical reliability according to numerous sources on the internet was very good.

Although the Mazda2 gets the maximum safety rating for the 2011, those year models required you buy the optional safety pack for traction control and more than one or two airbags. However good steering feel and handling along with relatively high noise levels will keep any driver engaged. The Mazda2 drive experience is best described as zippy performance, relatively connected steering, the suspension is little stiff but not harsh as per to hatches from the 1980’s and 1990’s. There is the typical lumpiness or busy suspension in the ride not experienced if you are used to driving larger cars. I didn’t think I could live long term with the ride comfort vs handling and relative noisy cabin since there are better small cars i’ve tried.

Overall I liked the Mazda2 for it’s exterior looks and performance but it was missing the x factor I was looking for in a small car.

2011 Mazda 2
IL 4 Cylinder
1.5 Litre (1498cc)
Claimed 76Kw @ 6000RPM
Claimed 135Nm @ 4000RPM
Kerb weight FROM 1032 Kg
Towing capacity up to 700 kg
Fuel capacity & consumption
Up to 42 litres – 91 Octane
IL4 Petrol 6.8 Lts per 100km AVG
Other specifications
5 speed manual or 4 speed auto
Overall length/height/width 3900/1495/1695
ANCAP Safety: 5/5
2011 $17,440 – 22,490 AUD excluding on road costs
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