2012 Kawasaki ZX-14R Comparisons – Part 3

I finally checked out the Kawasaki ZX-14R at the shops and can report that it is indeed hard to spot any difference from the older model. The overall design is conventional but it does look stereotypically what a sports bike should look like.  It looks good however it does remind me of the ancient Suzuki RF900…

The best part of the X-14R are the new spoked wheels which look great!

The only odd things about the revised design of the cheap mirrors and exhaust pipes which is presumably to cater for emissions in various parts of the world. You’d think they would have done some thing a bit more stylish than designing it so similar to the Hayabusa’s lead weights.

At this point in time I would not buy one and it’s not because I still have the Hayabusa. (I wouldn’t even consider a new Hayabusa unless the design was throughly updated too.) The reason is nothing to do with performance it is because now want my new bike to look very different from the rest, like the other bike in my garage the – Honda DN-01.