There is once again little report for the past week in terms of motorcycle models and breaking news. So I checked out the Australian motorcycle industry statistics and  present to you my view (if you can call it that) on this segment for 2013.

In 2013 there where sales of over 113,000 motorcycles from over 39 different motorcycle brands in Australia. Total motorcycles sales where a little down from 2012 but by about 2000 units which is notable but that’s it. Roughly split Honda sold over 25,000 motorcycles, 20,000 where from Yamaha, 11,000 Kawasaki and 10,000 from Suzuki and Piaggo sold over 9,000 scooters!

Overall it looks like things where working out Ok in 2013 for the industry. (I really hope for some decent news this week because it’s getting a little boring!)

*Based on the primary source the Chamber of Automotive Industries.

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