2014 Yamaha FZ-09 Preview

2014 Yamaha FZ-900Welcome to the Yamaha FZ-09! (Also known as the MT-09) The 2014 FZ-09/MT-09 is an all new motorcycle that features a 847cc 3 cylinder engine ride-by-wire throttle  and 3 powers modes! It also features tech that the other manufacturers haven’t used yet including a ‘crossplane concept’ crankshaft for claimed even throttle and power output.  Regardless of the tech it actually looks quite good too! 

Initial colour schemes for the FZ-09/MT-09 will be Liquid Graphite and Rapid Red and the Recommended retail price in the US is $7,900 for sale some time in September 2013. Check out the US website for further details. As for the FZ-09 Australian release – I haven’t heard anything yet!

I do find it interesting that Yamaha have released a reasonably large capacity 3 cylinder engine when everyone seems to be focusing on 2 cylinders anything with a V configuration. The press release says that it will be the basis for new variations to motorcycle range which I find quite exciting.

Source: Press release.

Yamaha FZ-09 / MT-09 important specifications:

Engine 3 Cylinder Petrol DOHC
Capacity 847cc
Fueling EFI 
Power 85kW @ 10,000 RPM
Torque 87.5 Nm @8500 RPM
Kerb Weight 188kg / 191kg ABS
Dimensions L 2075 x W 815 H 1135mm
Seat Height 815mm
Fuel tank  14 litres