2015 Ariel Ace

Ariel Ace

Introducing the Ariel Ace, the same company that brought you the Ariel Atom! The name is all that remains from the original company which is not associated with. Since the ‘new’ Ariel company is a very small manufacturer with proven credentials as a performance manufacturer via the Atom  don’t expect the Ace to be cheap. Alternately expect it to be highly customisable. It is currently a UK only model.

The basic Ariel Ace uses Honda’s V4 engine from the VFR1200 series so its a high performance, proven and offers various options regarding configuration, for example fuel tank size and ‘Girder’ style of telescopic style suspension design, wheel base and seat height height options.

The Ariel Ace’s frame is aluminium not alloy and the other parts can be chosen from plastic to genuine carbon fibre which means this bike is extremely light weight.  Of course I could not find an official weight figure as it depends on how much you want to spend on it! At an estimate the Ace probably weighs in at about 140-160Kg without fuel.

In term’s of price the Ariel Ace is not outrageously expensive for what it is and a sure talking point wherever you go! Although not announced as a ‘Limited edition’ you can be sure there won’t be many worldwide.

Some readers may object to my blasé attitude regarding price – but you only need to look at Ducati, Harley Davidson and BMW to know what outrageous pricing is.

2015_ace_4  2015_ace_5

Ariel Ace Key Specifications
Engine: V4 cylinder (Honda 1200cc)
Capacity: 1237cc
Power/Torque: 130Kw @ 10,000rpm 131Nm @ 8750rpm 
Gearbox: DCT Auto/Manual
Kerb Weight: 151Kg Approx
Performance: 0-100kph 3.4 seconds Approx
Max Speed 265Kph Approx
Fuel Economy: Variable litre fuel tank
Approx ? litres per 100km
Seat height: Variable
Dimensions: Variable
Recommended Retail Price: FROM Approx 20,000 Pounds ex VAT (2015)