Are you looking to go on a motorcycle ‘adventure’ well, Adventure motorcycles are a class of motorcycle that is growing in popularity. These Adventure motorcycles are like the SUVs of the motorcycle world. Technically there can be a variety of cross overs from other types motorcycles and particular models but to be completely practical I’m basing the accepted definition of this class as those with similar specifications to the BMW GS series. The BMW R1100-1200GS is the benchmark due to the class being popularized by the numerous TV shows and celebrities that ride them. Although I regard the BMW as the class benchmark does not mean that it is the best adventure motorcycle out there.

Since I’m looking for a new bike for 2016 I decided to compare the various models that are currently available. So over the next few weeks I’m be doing my own reviews on the BMW R120GS, KM Adventure, Suzuki V-Strom, Yamaha Super Terene, Triumph Tiger and the new Honda Africa Twin Adventure motorcycles! That said I’m not planning and adventure…

This list is not all inclusive as there are other models including the Aprilia Caponrod, Kawasaki Versys and others the same in concept, which I may add at a later stage but not included here for the time being as I’ve never seen one in real life/know of someone who owns one/ridden one.




KTM Adventure Series


Suzuki V-Strom


Yamaha Super Terene


Honda Africa Twin


Triumph Tiger




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