temple_hillGetting to know where you are travelling to and how to get around is always a good thing to do. You may have organised tours before hand or plan organise some when you get there which I recommend if you’ve got enough time. Seeing the well known tourist spots is always recommended but that shouldn’t be the focus as there are plenty of other places that are just as interesting and less busy. That’s where getting an off-line GPS navigation App becomes very useful, one of the most useful tools you can have when travelling.

There are plenty of GPS and internet based navigation sites, the most comprehensive and popular is Google Maps. It does allow you to download parts of the map for off line navigation but clearly not as easy as a one off or comprehensive off line GPS mapping data. Once again there are a number of key choices to pick from but the most accurate and complete free off line GPS navigation App is called HERE WeGo, formally known as HERE Maps.

Here WeGo App is available free to use and also currently completely Ad free for Android phones or Apple iPhones – give it go as it’s a great if not the best choice.

HERE WeGo allows you to download Maps of entire countries or zones you are travelling in where available so you can navigate off line, no internet roaming data required. Yes it works – I’ve used it in the US, Europe, Australia, Africa and parts of Asia with complete confidence. HERE WeGo has point to point and turn by turn navigation taking into account your mode of transport options, distances and time. If you do have data roaming you can get traffic and notifications. That said you can also use it in your home country.


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