petronasWelcome to my continuing series on how to get the best value for money on your next holiday. Sounds like an Ad doesn’t it? In all seriously though its just my opinion on what you should do in planning for your next holiday and travel adventure.

Booking accommodation for a holiday in a foreign country or locally yourself is very easy in 2016 whether it’s on your computer or an App on your tablet or smartphone. Don’t worry about language as most are localised to your country. So this is my list of favourite go to Apps for booking a hotels or motels. I’ve used the these Apps many times since pricing do differ between them.

The best accommodation booking apps and websites are:


Once again before booking through these aggregators you should check the hotel’s website, as on a few occasions I found that the hotel’s website had a cheaper price. There is no point is wasting money on the Apps if booking directly at the hotel is cheaper. The other benefit of booking on the hotel website is the number of Frequent Flyer or Air Miles points to can get, sometimes this can equate to further discounts on your airfare. Occasionally there are bonus points on certain hotels too which makes your airfare even cheaper.

A travel agent can also do the accommodation bookings for you and can have access to special deals that make not only the hotel cheaper but the airfare too!  Of do some research yourself with these apps first so you know what the budget is. There are some travel tips or hacks that I’ll go into in another post.

There are other options to choose from that aren’t hotels or motels such as the growing number of Airbnb websites and hostels. It depends on your budget and preference, I’ll go in to other non-mainstream options in 2016 in a separate section.

Also remember that my advice is conditional and based on a 2 week or shorter holiday and where your destination is over 8 hour flight time! Regardless, wasted time is not something you need.


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