misty_treesAfter checking out what the weather will probably be like when you arrive at your destination you’ll probably want to work out what to wear and pack.

What to wear for your travels is a personal thing but it is also obvious that you want to blend in as much as possible to avoid unnecessary attention from undesirable elements. At the same time you want to be comfortable for what ever activity you are planning to do.

To start with, I personally have a standard airport and transit outfit I always wear because it looks nice and amazingly comfortable for the cramped plane and airport. Beside there’s a better chance of a seat upgrade if you are presentable. Planes and airports can be hot or cold dependent on the climate you are used to, so layering your clothing as per any motorcyclist is should be considered. It is also true that airports like any other work place never has the right temperature to suit everyone.

As per the movie Castaway (starring Tom Hanks) never take your shoes off or your little travel bag leave your side you just never know what’s over the next cloud.

When you get to the destination there are sometimes local dress customs that you should try to follow to not look like an idiot. It’s a simple sign of respect to others and shows sophistication or mental competence. It’s enough that you’ll probably be taking pictures and selfies to post on Facebook – it is 2016 after all.

So the best App for seeing what the locals are wearing at your destination are wearing is: Instagram!

Check a number of Instagram profiles not just the trendy ones folks!

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