melbairportWhen you finally get to your destination you shouldn’t be is staying in the hotel room or where ever your accommodation is for no reason. After all you can stay in bed all you want when you’re home and its probably much cheaper too! It’s your time to be adventurous and to do things you wouldn’t usually do. You may even find out more about your self good or bad.

Many people say don’t see the tourist sites because its too busy or not a good as they appear to be – sure the tourist sites are busy and may disappoint but you just need to go for the purpose of seeing why it’s a tourist hot spot. Just don’t make it the focus of the entire trip. After seeing them there are slots of other things to try out:

Try local Food – Restaurants: There are often lots of decent places to eat and where there’s a queue it usually means its good! That said waiting 4 hours in line and standing too for a particular local delicacy aka a particular fish market may not be time well spent. Also remember try to avoid getting gastro if the place looks unhealthy it probably is – Supermarkets: See what the locals actually buy and eat its a great spot to see what yore missing out on for example I have found lots of snacks I would buy again. Also discover unexpected things like, there is a strange shortage of hair product in local stores New York. Plus there’s always some freshly packed food to eat so you can save some cash instead of going out all the time.

Shopping – Department stores – Brand Outlets – Due to the exchange rate and local pricing there are places in the world where shopping is reason enough to travel. Of course it is all relative. Always book a day or half a day to check out the local stores there’s always something you can take back with you for memories of your trip. Factory outlets: There’s usually plenty of shopping opportunities so I would definitely book half a day or a full day to do some shopping for yourself, friends or family.

Cultural – events are a great excuse to visit a place at a certain time amongst oner rings for example, Spain has running of the bulls although a little too popular these days.

Special events – Sports anyone? Olympics, Commonwealth Games, tennis, Skiing, Soccer finals, New years events, concerts are just a few reasons to travel. My favourite reason to travel is of course visiting motor shows and technology shows both are always enjoyable

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