temple_hillWe all need food and drinks so you need to take that cost into account when travelling. The travel food bill quickly adds up when travelling, especially with a family. You are going to spend at least $50-$100 day on food unless you are on an extreme diet. Remember that eating well will mean you stay healthy and not pile on the kilos! However should you include a buffet breakfast as part of your hotel/accommodation?

To minimise your costs try to include a buffet breakfast as part of your hotel or accommodation booking where available! It may seem like an extra cost upfront but you will personally thank me later. Once again the cheapest accommodation may not be ‘the cheapest’ overall. Including a buffet breakfast means you do not need to waste time or muck around finding food or eating something unhealthy and most of all you will be able to go until the afternoon or even dinner before needing another meal. You can also spend the time catching up with the news and emails on the Wi-Fi and plans for the day!

I think paying an additional $10-15 a day per person to include a buffet breakfast is a reasonable price to pay. If the food on offer is really good then by all means pay more – but within reason! If you consider the economics of buying breakfast separately, coffee/tea/orange juice then the actual food be it toast/cereal of cooked food eggs, sausages, bacon, ham chicken, noodles, porridge croissants, fresh fruit etc.. it is reasonable price to pay!

The next question you probably need to ask is wether you should include any other meals, like dinner? The answer for me is no because I’m usually still travelling about until late so I’m not going back to the hotel and out again because that would be a waste of time. So leave dinner of lunch off the pre-paid list. That said the dinner menu is usually pretty good to eat and reasonably priced.

Please refer to my prior posts on packing and luggage or what to pack, as if you brought water bottles you’ll be saving even more money on your holidays. You can always go to the local grocery store for snacks and other meals too.

Finally eating foreign local food is scary to a lot of people! Use some common sense folks and give it a go and it’s usually reasonably priced and tastes good.

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