cygnett_chargeup6000Once you’ve worked out where you’re going, you need to pack your luggage. Not many people I know can pack efficiently so many overpack and that includes myself! However over the years I have gotten better and new technology and gadgets released over the years have helped.

Assuming you’ve read the prior post on packing for travel, business or holiday will be dependent on where yore going or what you plan on doing! So I’ll go into a list of travel staples or essential items that’s you should include when ever you travel. Unless you are planning on a very short holiday and you have followed my tips on the prior post you will probably have at least one bag to check in.

In terms of checked baggage the most important thing is to make sure you can manoeuvre it easily ie. drag it round the airport and on the road to the hotel and back. As for travel luggage brands to choose? I freely recommend certain Samsonite models as they do make the most sturdy models in general but they are a little more expensive. Aside from that I can recommend Samsonite as I have yet to replace my original Samsonite luggage despite purchasing a certain top range Antler model to replace it eg. my old suitcase replaced the new suitcase bag I got to replace it with. Also choose one without a zip for security reasons, with inbuilt TSA lock and additional lock independent to the TSA version. The suitcase should be made of material which is easy to clean regardless if it has a hard or soft outer case.

In terms of weight the lighter the better but at the same time the materials should be able to withstand splitting and handle water and or dust. No point in buying light weight luggage if you have to replace it for your next trip. My personal test after my last failed luggage replacement is to sit on it . If it can take the weight I’ll buy it. You see when stuck in a long queue or waiting for a train or bus a clean surface  to rest is always appreciated and it is lumped with a lot of other bags in the cargo hold.

When packing aim to be under the maximum weight allowance for checked luggage by at least 5Kg. The weight buffer means that you can buy more souvenirs on holidays and it easier to drag around on route.

In terms of carryon or cabin baggage I would pick one that you can lock in the overhead lockers and then when you’re in a hotel or even a hostel. All carry on luggage is usually made according to a global standard so they are about the same size. Again you should use the lightest and strongest model. I don’t do the sit test on carry on baggage or obvious reasons. Make sure the suitcase is lockable and that it will survive a trip in cargo if the plane does not have enough space.

This bag is for heavier items like a change of clothes, laptop or things you are not using straight away in flight, power bricks, spare shoes, food and other items like duty free that you picked up along the way.

– A Satchel/Backpack:
Put general items in the satchel including your laptop or tablet in the satchel which will be small enough to you under the seat.  Other useful items include an empty smallish drink bottle, spare mobile phone, change of clothes should your flight be delayed, overseas data SIM card, headphone to plane socket adapter, power bank of at least 5000 mha capacity to keep your electronics charged.

– Very small over shoulder bag about 15 cm in size, preferable able to hide under your short or blouse:
You use this bag for your travel and passport, mobile phone, documents, tissues, headache pills, breath mints, cords and a pen and notepad! Optional but highly recommended items include a cigarette lighter and touch why? have you seen the movie Castaway with Toms Hanks recently? Keep this bag on you at all times and keeping all they stuff in on place means your attention is not distracted and your stuff will not fall out of your pockets and lost or be easily pick-pocketted.
You can pack this away securely in the satchel to clear airport security only!

Simply do not carry any more pieces of luggage with you on the plane since it is easy to misplace or leave behind by accident.

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