Christmas and New Year Greetings! The old tree is back.

As the year 2017 comes to a close I decided to post a few ‘somethings’ that I learnt during the year.

Mcdonald’s are the most scrutinised restaurant in the world. Their food has been scientifically analysed so anyone knows almost exactly what you get when you eat it. As a result food critics and the anti-Mcdonald’s brigade and those who shame McDonald’s eaters need to get their head checked as they are ones who have a hidden agenda. I’m exposing them as their purpose is to ruin the enjoyment of life and allies of foreign countries and companies who simply cannot compete.

The real message is that everything in isolation and in excess is bad even to the basics, drink to much water and you die, breath too much air and you die finally going to a Michelin star restaurant for all your food is bad. To put it simply, everything in moderation. That should be the message. Unfortunately for the mass media and other stupid internet ‘sources’ making fake news this is too complicated.

My next realisation is the continual press on how this year seemed to be the year of the quote: that  Android OS phones slow down over time. That’s because over time you store so much data on them that it just takes longer to run things. It ‘s like a Windows PC or a Apple Macbook. Interesting statement and one used to justify the superiority of Apple iPhones. OMG! suddenly it turns out that Apple phones slow down too but it’s deliberate and blames the battery. It is simple enough to reset the Android OS phone to restore any perceived lost speed not possible with the iPhone.

I’ve have owned Android OS phones and iPhones and honestly Android OS is brilliant as you can make it do what you want but iPhones work great too but only when it lets you. The iMessage app is promoted by ago many people as a key reason why they use the iPhone but seriously have they tried Whatapp? it is an alternative to iMessage that existed and Apple copied. In fact in some parts of Europe WhatsApp is recognised as official communication like phone call or fax. No such luck for iMessage though. Since there are over a billion users of WhatsApp on all types of devices so it should one of the many choices for messaging just like Facebook or Twitter. However I can guess why people don’t promote the alternatives – they want their free promo Apple products.

The real story is that Android OS phones and iPhone have their own characteristics and at the end of 2017 it is purely about personal choice aka which one looks better and cheaper. While the iPhone relies on App developers to extend functionality Android OS brands can do their own. Both types of phones work great and don’t believe the marketing or the so self professed professional tech reviewers these days especially the ones that say ‘Trust me’ in their reviews and those wearing Apple watches or computers in the background especially on videos – it’s called product placement and their are probably paid to wear and promote them. Is the being to being too cynical?

Thanks for visiting and till next time.

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