Suzuki GSX-R750

The Suzuki GSX-R 750 is a genuine Super Sports motorbike. It’s essentially the last one standing from the 750cc racing series where this engine size was the one to get if you wanted a genuine race replica motorcycle. The Suzuki GSX-750 is the 6th best selling motorcycle in Australia selling 212 units during the 2018.

The 750cc motorbike class was all the rage 30 years ago – it’s been than long! motorcycle manufacturers didn’t have the technology to build large capacity engines at the time so 750cc was a big deal. Time has certainly moved on and this class is now virtually entry level capacity to the super sports motorcycle class.

In terms of design the GSXR-750 hasn’t changed much in it’s current spec from about 2011 model year and that is completely justified. You see the GSX-R750 was the best 750cc sports motorbike available from that time and on, needless to say it is the only remaining one in 2018. It is also probably no surprise that the GSX-R600 is the same motorcycle with a smaller engine and interestingly that class is fading into obscurity as well.

In terms of engines and technology it has the latest generation engine tech with high cost but no longer exotic materials like titanium and ceramic, EFI, power modes, big brakes and suspension. It may not seem much in the world of GPS enabled and ECU controlled self adjusting suspension and traction control but it is the purest sports motorcycle you can buy in any motorcycle class.

In the end the Suzuki GSX-R 750 is the last of it’s kind in the Super Sports class. It’s a great ride for those wanting traditional track or road riding experience with tuning to perfection as it’s lasted this long. Furthermore the GSX-R 750 costs a mere $200 more than the GSX-R600 which is amazing value if you think about it.

Suzuki GXS-R 750 Key Specifications
Engine: IL4 cylinder 16V DOHC (EFI)
Capacity: 750cc
Power/Torque: 95.4Kw @ 12,800RPM 75 Nm @ 11100RPM
Gearbox: 6 speed
Kerb Weight: 190Kg Approx
Performance: 0-100kph NA seconds Approx
Max Speed NA Kph Approx
Fuel Economy: 17 litre fuel tank
Seat height: 810 mm
Dimensions: L2030 x W710 x H1135
Recommended Retail Price: $13,990 Ride away (2019)


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