About upgrading to Windows 10

I’m finally back on the internet after updating my old Microsoft Surface Pro (original version) to Windows 10!

Upgrading to Windows 10 for most people should be an easy process, if you’re running Windows 7 or 8. There should be a popup message on the lower right in asking you to reserve your copy of the upgrade. Windows 10 ‘upgrade’ is free for now.  Just follow the steps and it will download in the background.

Is Windows 10 worth an ‘upgrade’? is debatable as it has taken on a more big brother approach to updates downloading and ‘fixing’ things in the background. So you may find that your PC is behaving weirdly and can be confused as virus or a hacking attempt as I did. Overall use so far is impressive and the answer would be yes for now.

The experience with the Windows 10 upgrade process on a Microsoft Surface Pro.

I’m not the average Windows user I run run software and hardware developer software, web editing, database and graphics programs. The end result is that the first attempt at upgrading to Windows failed. I encountered familiar Wi-Fi and Bluetooth unable to connect issue and all the internet searches and my own experimentation included updating drivers and so forth could not bring Wi-Fi, Bluetooth to life. As a result I simple reverted back oWindows 8 and everything worked again.

I was disappointed as the machine was a Windows Surface tablet all the software is legit and worked perfectly under Windows 8.  The bluetooth mouse I run incedentally is a Microsoft 5000. There is nothing about the hardware that should have caused any problems.

To resolve the issue I did the complete re-install of the Surface Pro which essentially took a week to get the update downloaded in the background. There is currently no quick process to download Windows 10.  After many hours and overnight it was completed and everything worked as expected but there is still continually updates causing the machine to act is a suspect fashion.

At the time of this post I still have not installed all the software I want…

Update September 2015 I’ve given Windows 10 a good work over now and can say that I’m very happy – overall. The new interface very slick and good to look at. The expanded start menu helps those who could never work out the link with the desktop can breath easy. The touch interface is slightly more difficult to use as the icons are slightly smaller. The updates to the operating, security and apps are by default automatic so you don’t have any control expect when to schedule them. Knowing how updates by ANY soft are company can be flaky I don’t like it. I would like the option to select when and what to you.

So far apart from the trauma getting the update in the first place Windows 10 is working really well and no crashes yet!