fx_coinsThe big thing in the 1990’s was the frequent flyer or air miles programs offered by virtually all mainstream airlines. Lots of clever people taking advantage of program flaws and scoring lots of free flights and other privileges.  Of course the airlines and the program management has clamped down on these sort of things and it’s rare to find anyone scoring those sort of benefits in 2016.

Lots of claimed expert financial sites have missed the simple calculations you need to do which is disappointing hence you can see why the world economies are not working very well. So how to determine which frequent flyer program or air miles program is the best? – pretty simple.

  1. Choose a frequent flyer program that is free of charge and where you can earn points using a credit card.
  2. Choose a frequent flyer program  that you can also earn points at your local supermarket – for obvious reasons.
  3. Choose the program that covers you for the airlines that you prefer to use.
  4. Budget airlines will not have a frequent flyer program but can be linked to their parent company which your redeem points can be used so see who’s who in the airline industry. The 3 biggest alliances you can earn points on are Star Alliance, Skyteam and Oneworld.
  5. Most important is to choose a program that offers the most bang for your buck.
    For example many offer gift cards you can redeem the points for so see what $100 is worth in points. Then check out how many points will equal a free flight to a destination: if 20000 points  = $100 but 20000 points = a flight from Sydney to LA then it’s clear that that’s the sort of frequent flyer program you should consider. That said if earning 20000 = $100000 in your spending yet another offers 20000 points for $20000 than that’s the program you should be signing up for.
  6. Watch out for bonus points offers when you spend in certain places and they can quickly add up. Since these offers vary and not actually followed by a particular site for historical research you’ll just have to keep an eye on their websites. The frequent flyer program that offers the most relevant one is the one to go for.


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