We’ve never had it so good in terms of motorcycle brands, model, model types. If fact it’s probably a wider choice now than ever with road legal mini-bikes and the infant electric bike class.  However there has always been some sort of trend in terms of style and it looks like the next few years will be the Retro motorcycle.

Retro motor bike designs hark back to a time when motorcycles were slightly off pace to the car market and not viewed or still viewed as a ‘respectable’ form of transport. That’s probably due to the impact of the US car market aka ‘Detroit’ denouncing the motorcycle and also because they only had Harley Davidson as their sole motorcycle brand.

Retro motorcycles are a styling exercise rather then genuine remake of a past model with original parts. It is usually a redesign of an existing model in the range into something more ‘classic’. That said there are exceptions as you will see on my list below.

This is a list of my retro motorcycle picks for 2020, some of them I’ve reviewed in the past and some new ones. Once again I’ll add the links over the next few weeks:

Royal Enfield Classic 500 Moto Guzzi V7
BMW R NineT Triumph Bonneville
Kawasaki Z900RS Triumph Thruxton
Kawasaki W800 Suzuki TU250X
Honda Monkey 2020 Honda CT125 Hunter Cub/Postie Bike

*All images as per press releases.

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