Honda FCX

Honda FCX

Welcome to another ‘blast from the past’ post I made over 10 years ago (2008). The world has changed a lot since then. For example Tesla the electric car brand has surpassed the Toyota Prius as the ‘fuel efficient’ benchmark without the Prius’ negativity. 2021 sees many parts of the world now predominantly powered by renewable sources such as wind and solar. Let’s face it only the less advanced countries are clinging onto coal or gas as their main power source. Hydrogen as a power source may still be in the infancy likewise truly efficient batteries but I suspect that will also change in the next 10 years.

I had to post this because not many motorcyclist aren’t too interested in vehicles that use alternate fuels???  Well Honda have begun to release it’s hydrogen fuel cell solution to powering our cars.

Say hi to the Honda FCX Clarity!

Some brainless people will say that it takes more toxic materials to make but if you have a think about it – all the technology is currently being used and manufactured or recycled anyway!

Whatever you think – let’s not dismiss this early attempt to replace petrol and reliance on oil with something completely different.  That MAY solve a lot of things like a couple wars and maybe even the planet for example…

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