Blast from the past – Motorcycle Pictures 16 – Suzuki Hayabusa

Blast from the past – reposting old stuff but … Once again I can only approximate that these pictures where originally posted during 2010/2011.  Only the internet archive site could possible give a more precise date – this update: 27.2.2022: These Suzuki Hayabusa pictures where sent in to me to post on the site – before Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook etc.. and the world was nicer place – nostalgia folks. That is how old this website is. I have posted them back here, admittedly where they belong! 

This is also the last of the Suzuki Hayabusa Galleries that I can easily find. I know I have another set somewhere and will finish them off then.

Set 1 : This is Gerrit Jansen’s Hayabusa.  One of the few using white as a base colour with subtle mods and it looks great!  POTM for Jan 2009.

Set 2 : Jamar Adams sent in a great set of pics a couple years ago and I’ve recovered them from backups!  It’s a great looking Hayabusa – excellent job.

Set 3 : This is Fred Lindemann’s on his Hayabusa form the US. Great pic!

Set 4 : Scott from Missouri and The Punisher – 2005 Hayabusa. Nice pic!

Set 5 : Anton from South Africa has sent in pictures of his latest project.  It’s an highly modded 03 Hayabusa which includes: Custom spray, Piasso levers, Racing rear sets, Custom front / back seat, Extended swing arm, K4/ 1000 rims back rim widen to 7 ½’ for 200 rear tire, Braided brake hoses, T3/4Combo Garret turbo, Double bubble war eagle, War eagle eliminator, all screws on bike replaced with stainless screws and all washers Titanium! Wow – and hence the POTM award for May 2009 – Excellent!

Set 6 : Pictures can mean a thousand words! Sent in by Tammy.

Set 7 : The POTM winner for December 2009 is from Greg currently in Andalucia, Spain! Although he’s sold this one some time ago I think the Kenny Roberts Replica is a excellent piece of work! He’s now working on a better one!

Set 8 : The POTM winner for June 2010 is from Lim in Singapore ! I don’t usually award the POTM for ‘normal’ pics but since I realised that his Hayabusa is a very rare white silver scheme it gets the award!

Set 9 : This is Gerrit Jansen’s Hayabusa – Part 2! He’s updated the scheme with a more intricate pattern – best I’ve seen for a little while hence  awarding it the POTM for Jan 2012!