Blast from the past – Suzuki Hayabusa pictures by owners at the time – originally posted some time 2005? this update: 19.9.2021: These Suzuki Hayabusa pictures where sent in to me to post on the site – before Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook etc.. That is how old this website is. I have posted them back here, admittedly where they belong! 

Set 1 : Paul Juricevich – This months winner for April 2004 is from NZ.  Not too many mods but done appropriately makes this a winner note the rear hugger and tail treatment and lenses.

Set 2 : Larry Stafford – Meet Larry’s Hayabusa and partner friend (Corvette)  from Arizona !  Two of the most desirable vehicles in the US.

Set 3 : Krzysztof Marciniak – Fantastic pics of KM’s bikes from Warsaw in Poland.  According to KM he originally bought the Red/Grey one but when he saw the Silver/Grey one he got that one instead.  Worthy of POTM January 2004 because of photographic quality.

Set 4 : Jay & Tash – Great Aussie Hayabusa I just love the new petal/razor discs.  All it takes is few appropriate mods and you have an even better looking bike – hence winner of POTM.

Set 5 : Wayne McGarth – The dashboard on this bike is truly excellent ! Love the gear indicator. All it needs is a few more appropriate cosmetic mods and it definitely becomes POTM material.

Set 6 : Dustin Hash – Here’s what Dustin Said : Here are some pictures of my 2001 HAYABUSA. It pulled 262 HP @ THE REAR WHEEL ON THE TURBO W/ ANOTHER 40 HP WAITING ON A DRY NITROUS SHOT! ALL ON A STOCK MOTOR THAT’S NEVER BEEN TOUCHED! THESE BIKES ARE INDESTRUCTIBLE. COOL SITE MAN! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! (GREENSBORO, NC) Here’s what I said : Great mods and great pics! The angle on the first pic is just fantastic.

Set 7 : Mike Foley and his rare Japan only Candy Grand Blue Hayabusa !  Since he’s the one and only he wins the joint POTM for June 2005 !  He’s also sent in a great shot of Mt Fuji which I may load at a later date !

Set 8 : Mr. S7R4NGER – A great close up of The Black One.  The black one was quite  a big deal when first released.

Set 9 : Chris O’Riley – This is a set of two check out the Funny Pics gallery for the other one !!  Great location.

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