Blast from the past – Motorcycle Pictures 5 – Suzuki Hayabusa

Blast from the past – Once again I can only approximate that these where originally posted some time before 2009. Only the internet archive site – this update: 24.10.2021: These Suzuki Hayabusa pictures where sent in to me to post on the site – before Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook etc.. That is how old this website is. I have posted them back here, admittedly where they belong! 

Set 1 : Finally found from backups! – Michael Lindsey’s pictures limited edition and Japan only Hayabusa with the boys!  This was sent in back in 2003 according to the file dates.  Great pics from Japan especially the one with Mt Fuji in the background.  If I didn’t given it the POTM back then I would certrainly give it now.

Set 2 : Shane sent in pics of his – Great colors and stunt worthy POTM March 2002 !

Set 3 : Ola – Another set of pics worthy of POTM award. Hayabusa on Ice thanks.  Check out the website as in the picture !

Set 4 : Say hi to Greg C’s 40th Anniversary Ed. Say again – hi-po! to the  Chill Factory turbo system with a Mitsubishi Super 20 G turbocharger and a big bore 1397 low compression turbo piston kit and carrillo rods with race internals.  Worthy winner for POTM Feb 2006

Set 5 : Jim Mowbray has sent in the first set of pictures of the 06 Ltd Ed. White/Silver scheme (US)  I’ve received ! and as always is the joint POTM winner for the month. (Feb 2005) Congrats Jim !

Set 6 : Damon Thomas has sent in these great pics for the POTM award 2002 !