Blast from the past – Motorcycle Pictures 6 – Suzuki Hayabusa

Blast from the past – Once again I can only approximate that these where originally posted some time before 2009. Only the internet archive site could possible give a more precise date – this update: 31.10.2021: These Suzuki Hayabusa pictures where sent in to me to post on the site – before Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook etc.. and the world was nicer place – nostalgia folks. That is how old this website is. I have posted them back here, admittedly where they belong! 

Set 1 : Danny Yu – The Big D teaches Stunt riding 101.

Set 2 : Frank M – Another worthy POTM (Apr 02) winner for obvious reasons.

Set 3 : Derek – My niece thinks he’s cute but who cares when you can ride or fly – excellent shots and POTM winner!

Set 4 : Ron Henry sent in pics of his new Hayabusa.  Another great pic of a proud owner and his RED one ! – Joint POTM winners cause these are the first Ltd Reds I’ve received.

Set 5 : Guy sent in pics of his Hayabusa and words like fantastic, amazing, or surprise are just a few to describe this one – worthy POTM July 2002 Winner.

Modifications include : Ohlins front forks, RAM perimeter disk front wheel, Hyper pro steering damper, Akrapovic titanium/carbon fibre exhaust, RAM single sided swing-arm. Ermax undertail.

Set 6 : Jon sent in a subtle but overall a very very good modified 2002. As I always say – its in the details.

Set 7 : Zombe – This one’s the President’s bike. The 210-Ryders Club that is !  Excellent attention to details, clearly lots of work and integration went in to this bike.  Worthy POTM winner for the last update for 2005 ! Check out their site for more pics and details

Set 8 : Jason Lowman’s  Hayabusa is a fantastic piece of work ! Great angles too! A clear standout among the ones I’ve seen over the years and would even impress the caped crusader.  Fantastic integration of panniers and mid-night black – red theme. Excellent all round and worthy winner of POTM July 2005.

Set 9 : N B McNeill – This is the first black one I’ve seen that has been stretched and the stretched yellow one makes these August’s (2005) joint POTM winner!