Blast from the past – Motorcycle Pictures 8 – Suzuki Hayabusa

Blast from the past – Once again I can only approximate that these pictures where originally posted some time before 2009. However some POTM winners date to 2003 – again – 2003-2004 must have been a good year! Only the internet archive site could possible give a more precise date – this update: 14.11.2021: These Suzuki Hayabusa pictures where sent in to me to post on the site – before Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook etc.. and the world was nicer place – nostalgia folks. That is how old this website is. I have posted them back here, admittedly where they belong! 

Set 1 : Brian Hanable and his bike at Disney’s Concert Hall.  Great pics and worthy winner of POTM September 2004.

Set 2 : Steve Shelley – Great looking stretched Hayabusa with a big horn – er.. I mean exhaust pipe.
Need I say more !  Worthy joint POTM for October 2004.

Set 3 : Derrick Vianna – Careful modifications has created this lovely Busa.  Even the pose for the photo is great ! Worthy joint POTM for October 2004.  Note customised Myabusa logo ! Excellent !
Here’s what he did : The factory colour is Sonic Silver and Flint Metallic charcoal.  I applied (myself, at home!!) 4 coats of Candy Apple Red over the factory colours, then applied custom chrome decals from Alloutgraphics, then 3 additional coats of clear over everything. The factory 3-spoke wheels were chromed, then the centers were painted Candy Apple red. Chromed exhaust brackets, Corbin seat, chrome L/P windshield top it all off.

Set 4 : Todd Grempel – has done a fantastic job with his bike ! Another set of pics that nearly won the POTM award.  Pics like this make me want to post the full size file so you can check out the details but…
–          Started with 2002 Busa two tone silver.
–          Custom Black Metallic Paint + Clr coat Chrome Decals
–          Polished Billet Bar ends and sliders.
–          Chromed (Pegs, Wheels, Grab Bar, etc.)
–          42 Tooth AFAM Steel Sprocket
–          TRE
–          K&N
–          Fairing Grills
–          Sportec black chrome windscreen.
–          Muzzy Fan
–          Amsoil Synthetic
–          Iridium Plugs
–          Xenon Blue Lights.
–          Blue LED Under Lit.
–          JMV Fender
–          Undertail with LP signals
–          Twin Yoshimura RS3s
–          Busa Grips
–          Carbon Fiber Tank Protector
–          Battlax BT 010 & BT 011

Set 5 : Svend + Moni Wirz – Fantastic in progress pics make this one the last winner of the year – Nov/Dec POTM for 2004. This is one bike you really need to see in the flesh!  Check out more pics at this address :

Set 6 : Fantastic pics of Svend’s bike ! According to one of my previous surveys Yellow and Black combo was voted the most desired.  And what do you know ?  Here is a perfect example of why it is so ! I’m thinking of nick naming it the Bumble Bee with attitude ! Winner of POTM Sept 2003

Set 7 : This is AJ’s Hayabusa – It just happens to be a genuine X-1 located in the UK!!  I’m told only 2 are located outside Japan. 1 in Taiwan and this one in the UK. AJ’s bike was tested by the UK based Performance Bikes Mag (UK) earlier this year and recorded a 0-100MPH of 5.44 sec. Fantastic isn’t it !