Blast from the past – Motorcycle Pictures 9 – Suzuki Hayabusa

Blast from the past – It is repetitious reposting old stuff but … Once again I can only approximate that these pictures where originally posted some time before 2009. However some POTM winners date to 2003 – again – 2003-2005 must have been a good year! Only the internet archive site could possible give a more precise date – this update: 21.11.2021: These Suzuki Hayabusa pictures where sent in to me to post on the site – before Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook etc.. and the world was nicer place – nostalgia folks. That is how old this website is. I have posted them back here, admittedly where they belong! 

Set 1 : Jose Alberto sent in this pic – Definitely something you don’t see everyday unless you live in Puerto Rico worthy winner of POTM May 2003.

Set 2 : Joe Cimone – Great pic of his Limited edition RED Hayabusa from Canada !
Accessories and performance modifications includes:
Micron Fusion pipes and Red Zero Gravity double bubble screen and carbon accents !
Joint POTM winner – cause this is one of the first Ltd Ed Reds I’ve received.

Set 3 : Odin’s Fighter great name for a great motorcycle.
It is of course a Hayabusa but as you can see its naked !!  I think this is an outstanding modification – the strangest and most unique, most excellent one I’ve seen to date and I’ve seen a lot !
Worthy POTM for February 2005.  Check out more pics at the address below.  It’s was for Sale Too !

Set 4 : George hails from Florida US ! If you notice something odd about the bike is that it has an excellent custom paint job.  Personally it looks so good it could be mistaken as an original!  This is double take material!

Wish I could load the full sized image for all to see but I’m short on web server space.

Set 5 : Russ aka (BUSARUSS) Great mods done to the Hayabusa by a proud owner.  Polished metal, chromed screen, Yoshi RS-3s exhausts.  I too wish that the colour, which is actually a metallic finish could be highlighted.

Set 6 : Rodger F Keeler
Excellent work done to Rodger’s motorcycle.
Lots of mods already done but I am told there’s more is to follow.
Worthy winner for May 2004!
The following is just a summary :

Performance Modifications

Dyno-Jet Power Commander PCIIIr for electronic mapping. Custom Dyno-Jet Map for Maximum Horsepower Gain, Throttle Response, & Fuel Economy, Vortex Chrome +1 rear sprocket for acceleration enhancement, K&N High performance air filter for more efficient air flow, Switchable Timing Retarder Eliminator to bypass governor, Yellow box for fine tuning speedometer gauges, Yoshimura RS-3 race stainless steel dual slip on exhaust. Removal of California State Emissions Controller Valve for Increased Horsepower Gain.

Tires / Wheels

Bridgestone Battlax BT014R high performance rear tire, Bridgestone Battlax BT56F high performance front tire. Chrome rims and hub by Sport Chrome.

Miscellaneous Modifications/Upgrades

Second-Look color matched seats w/ Hayabusa logo embroidered, Second-Look color matched tank skin w/ Hayabusa logo embroidered, Second-Look color matched cowl pad with custom embroidering, Chrome engine casings along with various miscellaneous parts from Sport Chrome, Polished rotors and accessories from Sport Chrome, Notched rear cowl, Sportech Chrome windscreen, Street-Racer Parts Reverse Indiglo gauges with 220 MPH upgrade, Lockhart/Phillips bobbins, Muzzy cooling fan, , Remote start/LCD alarm, Extreme Graphics color matched rear hugger w/molded chain guard, Extreme Graphics color matched Top-Gun undertail, Xenon headlights, Blue LED accent lights from Custom Dynamics. Remote Start with LCD Display Keychain Alarm by Just Ride Accessories.

Set 7 : Lyle Foster – Lyle’s Hayabusa is looking very tasty ! Almost took out the Feb ’05 award.
Check out some more at the address!

Set 8 : Kurt – This Hayabusa has the best combo of branding and colour I’ve seen.
Could look even better in a suitable location but the base is there so I gave it joint POTM for August !

Set 9 : Alan Villano –  Suzuki is seriously modified motorcycle – looks good and goes hard too!  There are just too many mods to list so just check out the pictures. Excellent work and worthy winner of POTM September 05.

Set 10 : Simon Oswald and his modified Hayabusa makes a second appearance on this site cause it worth it!
A winner of the POTM last time and a bee’s thingy away from POTM this time round.
Looks great and goes even better !
At least 200bhp at the back wheel and at least a genuine 200+mph.
Mods include: 2″-7″ swing arm extensions, wave discs all round, one-off, billet torque arm, billet adjustable side stand, billet top yoke, lowering links, HD springs, sealed ram air, grills removed, braided hoses all round etc….

Set 11 : Herbert Collins Suzuki hails from Texas ! A stretched and modded Hayabusa always looks good in my opinion.
Great angles and excellent mods a runner up for the July 05 POTM.