Blast from the past series – Originally posted in 2010. The world and the US has changed a lot since 2010 and so have I. The following are most genuine notes from that era:

Original post: 5.March.2010

I was sent this story published by Time magazine about the growing street racing/stunt scene in Florida US.  Interesting read with a few surprising statistics.  Just under 10,000 motorcycle accidents in the state – wow!  TIME: Crotch Rockets

Honestly you can’t stop individuals in a ‘free’ country from doing this sort of thing so why not make it at least safer?  Shock! Yes make the stadiums and tracks where these people can sign their lives away and at least injure themselves rather than endangering everyone else.  Remember that when you make things like this legal it loses appeal for most of these people.

Don’t they realize that laws won’t stop them only peer pressure and a brain? In 2021 it is of course infamy on the social networks that makes younger people do it and ‘likes’ are perceived a real currency.

Original post: 1.March.2010

I’ve have an Apple Mac for a few years now but I was still used Windows OS for the MS Office Word/Excel and website development and so forth.  It’s taken awhile but I finally downloaded and installed the Open Office found here: and I must say I’m impressed.  This is really a near perfect alternative to buying the MS Office for Mac.  Although my documents are probably not very complex all the ones that that I use are perfectly compatible. No errors in formatting or calculations.  It does work slightly differently but I could get used to it.  Give it a go!

All I need now is a decent graphics program and website development tool that doesn’t cost too much money!

Update 2021: I do not use a Mac as a main PC or laptop because they are not value for money. I have been using a Thinkpad as is fast and can do things with old software that have since been banned on Apple computers.

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