BMW C evolution

BMW C evolution

The 2020 BMW C evolution is the only real electric motorcycle aka Scooter you can buy from the brand. It is a real motorcycle/scooter you can buy right now and not some concept or ‘limited edition’. In fact it’s been on sale since 2014.

In terms of looks there is only the colour variant that distinguishes the C evolution from that rest of the BMW scooter range in the form of  fluro green highlights. Apart from that it is exactly like a scooter albeit a maxi-scooter.

The BMW C Evolution may be a scooter but it does have arguably the leading edge electric motorcycle technology in 2020. The standout features include a reverse gear and regenerative braking. The C evolution it the only motorcycle or scooter that I know of so far that have them. The only technical issue is the weight, at 275kg it’s a heavy weight. Nonetheless it’s a fast scooter even the amongst the high performance maxi scooters.

In terms of pricing the BMW C evolution is expensive! Not surprising given it is a battery powered and a BMW. However given the only real competition are the Zero motorcycles it has similar performance or more range than similarly priced models.

Once again, while I’d love to get an electric bike or scooter.. however the purchase price is just too high. The cost of buying a BMW C evolution in Australia is estimated to be at least $22,500 at the time of this post. That said it is the best electric scooter in the world and also one of the fastest.

BMW C evolution Key Specifications
Engine: Electric motor – BMW 
Battery Capacity: 133V   7.2Kw dependent on model and option 
Power/Torque: 35Kw @ 4650RPM 72Nm @ 4650 RPM
Gearbox: Engine & CVT transmission – All in one
Kerb Weight: 275 Kg
Performance: Top Speed 80mph 
Sustained top speed 121 Kph Approx
0-30mpph 2.8 secx
Fuel Economy: City 160 km
Charging region via braking and coasting
Charging time 4.5 hours @ 220V
or 9.2 hours @110V
Integrated charger
Seat height: 785 mm
Dimensions: L2190 x W947 x H1255
Recommended Retail Price: $13,750 USD (2020)


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