BMW K1300 Series


This page is dedicated to the BMW K1300 R,S and RT series specifications and review.

The BMWK1300 comes to three models the K1300R, K1300GT and the K1300S. As you can see by the pictures ones fully faired and ones an un-faired or naked motorcycle. It was released as a replacement for the K1200 in 2008 and BMW’s interpretation of the high speed sports-touring motorcycle as per the ZX-14 and the Hayabusa.

Now personally, I’d pass on the K1300S however I’d go for the K1300R. The reason for this is obvious. The K1300S version is boring to look at, sure the S version is a nice motorcycle but there are lots of other nice motorcycles including the K1300GT version. It also looks too much like the Honda Blackbird or even the old ZZR1200. BMW needs to make this version stand out a little bit more. However the K1300R is in your face odd yet desirable it shouts BMWs design theme – lovely.

Regardless of which model they are perfectly suited to long distance cruising with or without luggage or passenger. The only thing that annoys me with both models is the low rent instrument panel. What going on? Why are all manufacturers (not just BMW) giving us cheap looking dials? This is an expensive motorcycle not a light weight base model.

The K1300 series is in my high performance motorcycle list because it is! Lots of power, torque and enough handling. Sure its not as fast as the previously mention Kawasaki or the Suzuki but since the self imposed top speed limit for manufacturers it doesn’t really matter does it?

So as usual BMW has made an excellent sports-tourer even a daily commuter. However it comes at an unjustifiable cost.

Here are BMW K1300 series specifications:

Engine :
Bore :
Stroke :
Displacement :
Compression ratio :
Air Cleaner :
Starter :
Lubrication :
Fuelling :
Overall length :
Overall Width :
Height :
Wheel base :
Ground clearance :
Seat height :
Dry weight :
 Kerb weight :

In-line 4 cylinder 4 stroke DOHC
80 mm
64 mm
1293 cc
Non-woven fabric
Wet sump
Electronic Fuel Injection
2228 mm
856 mm
1095 mm
1585 mm
xxx mm
820 or 790 mm
243 kg
217 kg
460 kg

Instrument Panel/Dashboard :  


Security :  


Suspension  (front) :

Inverted telescopic,
coil sprung, oil damped,
spring preload fully adjustable rebound damping force 10-way adjustable
compression damping force 10-way adjustable

Suspension  (rear) :

Link type, coil spring, gas/oil damped, spring preload fully adjustable force 22-way adjustable?, compression damping force 22-way adjustable?

Caster :
Trail :
Steering angle :

23* 25′
93 mm (3.8 in)
30* right to left

Suspension Settings :


Brakes / Tyres / Tyre Pressures:

320mm – Front twin 4 piston caliper
265mm Back single 2 piston caliper
Optional ABS

Front 120/70 ZR17
Rear 180/55 ZR17

Fuel tank :
Oil Capacity :

23 litres Canadian : 4 litres reserve

Fuel consumption :

Claimed 5 litres per 100km at 90kph
Claimed 8.8 litres per 100km at 120kph
Using 95-98 RON unleaded petrol (High Octane)

Exhaust :

4 into 2 into 1

Colours :

Grey, Orange, White

Gearbox :

6 speed constant mesh
Wet multi-plate hydraulic clutch
Shaft Drive

Power :
Torque :

127Kw or 173HP @ 9250RPM
140 Nm @ 8250RPM

Emissions :

Euro 3