Fake car sounds with Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche and BMW with the Soundaktor and other systems

I was recently told of a strange device called the Soundaktor that can be found in various Audi, Volkswagen and ‘possibly’ Porschse cars. Initially I thought it was another internet joke or perhaps April fools – but I was wrong – it’s real! Essentially it is to amplify engine noise into the cabin. The sound made by a box which makes is vibration/noise to make things sound ‘sportier’??? The noise is only apparent inside of the car.

The Soundaktor is standard and often complained about by Golf GTi owners because its fake and annoying and another type of system can be seen here. If it were in my car I would complain about it as well (No – I don’t own an Audi, Porsche or Volkswagen). If I wanted that sort of noise racket I would buy a diesel or a older model. Make an on off switch before your brand is ruined just like what BMW has done with fake V8 sounds produced by the cars speakers – no that’s not a grammatical error. 

That said I completely understand why a car company would do that and it goes along the lines of: why do many of us adorn our cars with stickers ‘ Magic Happens’ stickers, similarly ridiculous flowers decals and the fake ‘AMG’ or M3′ badges on a base model car. It is interesting technology and one I’d associate with emerging Chinese manufacturers and their copies rather than established manufacturers.

Make the Soundatkor and similar systems optional. What’s wrong with the sound of silence or a nice stereo system?

5 September 2010

This week I read the news about a guy who refused to pay any speeding tickets received because he argued that without proof that the cameras have been calibrated correctly, to the specific Australian standards there is clearly no proof that they are working correctly! I’ll post the link as soon as I can find it on the website.

It is fair that if you get caught speeding you should pay the fine. However it has be real not something made up or proven. Anything that the government does or proposes is accountable especially when the law is concerned.

It is like petrol stations where there are inspectors that check that the pumps are giving out the correct amount of fuel. Hence it is in the interests of the public to ensure that if you receive a fine for supposedly exceeding the speed limit that the device recording it is actually accurate! Why aren’t these systems being checked – what is there to hide?

Possible conspiracy theory: that these systems are accurate after all?