Blast from the Past! – Reposting scattered content from 2008 – Price of unleaded petrol in Australia. Location is mostly around Sydney.

January 2008 – Since I get lots of international visitors – I intend to make a note of petrol pricing every so often. The price today near where I live is $1.43 per litre. By Australian standards this is quite expensive.

February 2008 – The average price of regular unleaded in Australia for February 2008 is $1.47.

March 2008 – Based on my last refills.  Petrol pricing worked out to and average of $1.40

May 2008 – Although my posts are the price of petrol I paid when I filled up – it does not reflect the average price in Australia! In the month of May 2008 I paid and $1.46 a litre.

December 2008 – From the highs of near $1.70 a litre the last few times I refuelled it is now a mere $1.09 and falling!

That’s a big drop in only 4 weeks.  I can definitely say that at these prices are just above those in 2005.

It makes car transport more accessible but after living with high petrol prices for the last 8 months I’ve gotten used to walking and taking the recommissioned bicycle.

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