Honda CBR1000RR Series

This page is dedicated to the latest Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade. It still is one of my favorite motorcycles because a good friend of mine races one.

The CBR1000RR Fireblade model designation has been around for a little while now and this is the latest incarnation.  Honda has made many landmark motorcycles over the years and the 1000’s spiritual predecessor is the CBR900RR and of the mid 1990’s was THE motorcycle to get for it’s outstanding performance and handling prowess AND it’s ability to bite the inexperienced rider.  I believe the CBR900RR gained press coverage because the media at the time where simply not experienced with this new class of motorcycle. Regardless of the press I for one wanted one then, unfortunately it was too expensive for me at that time.

As so many have forgotten – the original CBR900RR bike’s claim to fame was naturally a 900cc engine in a relatively small 750cc frame.  No other manufacturer had attempted to do this.  The late 1980’s and early 1990’s where the heyday for the 750cc class!  Of course this is all history since 900cc and 750cc class no longer exist (except for the lone GSX-R 750cc)  It is unfortunate that most new motorcycle journalists probably due to their youthful age simply forgotten or don’t know.

Anyway back to the new 2008 CBR1000RR.  It’s clearly one of the best handling and fastest sports bike out there.  Although it’s one of the best there’s nothing technically interesting about except that Honda have decided to offer optional ABS brakes!  (Anti-lock brakes) It is a first for a sports bike.  Sure it now weighs as as much as a 600cc motorcycles few years ago but everybody’s doing it these days.

It’s new, blunt ‘weird’ new styling harks back to the original CBR design.  It just looks different when compared to the sharp beak like models we’ve been getting for the last 10 years.  Does the CBR1000R have street credibility? Yes lots but not as much as some of its competitors.

Why ABS? it’s probably a better system than Honda’s other braking innovation DCBS the Dual combined braking system.  Apart from this there are only the usual incremental technological improvement.  Maybe that’s why they had to offer ABS..

If you’re curious about the new style exhaust pipes, well these cans are the result of the latest emission standards amongst other things!  Suzuki was the first with the new style pipes.  Personally it’s excellent idea, after all the under tail exhaust cans where getting old school.

So as usual Honda has made an excellent sports bike.