Honda CT125 Hunter Cub

Honda CT125 Hunter Cub

Welcome to the Honda CT125 Hunter Cub news and review. The new 2020/2021 CT125 is a derivative of the NBC110 and NBC125 Super Cub. The obvious popularity of the prior model and being a cult classic  means that an Australian release of the CT125 Hunter could be on the cards in the future, arguably when Australia post next reviews it’s NBC fleet. Not sure where else in the world the new CT125 will be sold at this stage as it is a JDM model only.

The NBC series is the current postie bike but as you can see from the pictures the 2020/2021 Honda CT125 is essentially THE ‘postie bike’ based on the the design of the CT110 from the 80’s and 90’s and not the farm bike of the same name. However both motorcycles have the same purpose of being able to ride on trails and foot paths.

In terms of looks and design the CT125 Hunter Cub is clearly retro inspired and with a direct line to the original Postie bike. In fact a passerby wouldn’t pick it as a new model bar the new paint. I think it is this model which is the closest match to the original postie bike we all know and love. I don’t think anymore needs to be said.

In terms of the mechanical specification and technology the CT125 is a variant of the NBC110 (Australia Post) and NBC125 Super Cub (consumer version) released in limited numbers 2 years ago. The CT125 is essentially a ‘naked’ version of the the NBC series. However they are not identical with different tuning and suspension between all models.

The selling price for the Honda CT125 Hunter Cub will probably be $6099, the same price as the NBC125 Super Cub if it every makes it to Australia. This is expensive if you go by the traditional measure of price per engine capacity. However this is a cult motorcycle and there are plenty who want one for new adventures. With the Honda Monkey and Honda GROM also in the current lineup it may be tough  to decide which one to buy even if all three are for different purposes. When will the CT125 Hunter Cub be put on sale is the biggest question?

Honda CT125 Hunter Cub Key Specifications 
Engine: 1 cylinder 2V SOHC (EFI)
Capacity: 124cc
Power/Torque: 6.5Kw @ 7000RPM 11 Nm @ 4500RPM  
Gearbox: 4 speed (auto)
Kerb Weight: 120Kg Approx
Performance: 0-100kph NA seconds Approx
Max Speed NA Kph Approx
Fuel Economy: 3.7 litre fuel tank
Approx 1.6 litres per 100km
Seat height: 800 mm
Dimensions: L1960 x W805 x H1025
Recommended Retail Price: Est. $ 6099 (2020)


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