Honda DN-01 Review Part 5


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The conclusion to the Honda DN-1 review, hope you haven’t skipped the other pages! Unlike other reviews I’ve decided that point form and a bit of a summary is the best way to end the review of what is one of my favourite motorcycles.

The Best bits:
Amazingly smooth transmission.
Impressive manual transmission mode.
Great unique looks and top range build quality.
Great road suspension.
More comfortable than any regular sports bike or cruiser.

Could do better:
More feeling of speed.
More ground clearance.
More engine power probably 10-20Kw.
More cornering feel.

Summary: The DN-01 is the best commuter motorcycle I’ve ridden to date. It is comfortable with enough power and handling. Great at  legal speeds and distance touring. It is not a sports bike or cruiser or a scooter or even naked bike. It is definitely a jack of all trades and ultimately the master of style. The only problem with the DN-01 is the price.

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