Honda Grom MSX125

Honda Grom

The Honda GROM aka MSX125 is one of the few new motorcycles that is designed to be modified. There are easily accessible technical information and a growing community of fans all around the world.

The Grom is not a big motorcycle and doesn’t have much power either since it only has a 125cc engine, nonetheless there’s enough for city and suburban commenting and generally riding fun. There is minimal frame work and the exposed engine really allows modifications for more power and character.

The design of the Grom fairing if you call it that is minimal hence in my selection of naked motorcycles and I love the look.  Words to describe the Grom include cheeky, anime and in Yellow reminds me of a motorcycle version of a certain Transformer.

Of course there are issues if you where to own a Grom. It’s not really for distance riding at highway speeds it top speed if you’re lucky is 100kph – eventually. The fuel tank is tiny so you need lots of fuel stops if you can make it between petrol stations. If you live in the city or only needed to travel between close suburbs on a cool motorcycle then the GROM is perfect. It’s closest competitor would be a scooter..

Honda Grom MSX 125 Key Specifications (2016)
Engine:   1 cylinder 4-stroke DOHC (EFI)
Capacity:  125cc
Power/Torque:  Approx 7 Kw @ 7000 RPM 11 Nm @ 5250 RPM
Gearbox:   6 speed manual
Kerb Weight:  102kg
Performance:  0-100kph N/A seconds Approx
Max Speed N/A Kph Approx 
Fuel Economy:   5.7 litre fuel tank
Approx 2.5 litres per 100km
Seat height:  760mm
Dimensions: L1755 X W730 X H1000 mm
Wheels: 120-70-12F  130-70-12R
 Recommended Retail Price:  Est $5990 AUD (2016)