Honda MW110

Honda MW110

Welcome to the Honda MW110 Benly specifications and showroom review for 2020. The Honda MW110 Benly is another very popular scooter. This generation of the scooter was specifically designed for delivery companies. Why is this scooter called the ‘Benly’?  Many claim that model name ‘Benly’ means ‘convenient’ and derived from a similar sounding Japanese word.

Honda have literally designed a scooter with few compromises for the any business or delivery contractors that require quick deliveries by courier eg. food, Ubereats etc… just like it’s relative the CT110 for Australia Post. The key features being the flat rear end equipped with various hooks for food boxes or panniers and flat front for the basket or another carry box. There is a huge 10 litre fuel tank so you are unlikely to waste time refueling.

The Honda MW110 Benly is a modern and unique model in the scooter class at the moment and unusually for Honda targeted as a specific type of customer. If looks is not the primary motivation for choosing a particular scooter the Benly is the best motorcycle for deliveries. It is the scooter for the 2020’s and beyond.

Fittingly the MW110 Benly is the 4th best selling scooter in 2019 selling 307 units 2019. This sales number is up from 207 in 2018.

Honda MW110 Benly Specifications (2020)
Engine: 1 cylinder 4-stroke 4 Valve DOHC (EFI)
Capacity: 108cc
Power/Torque: Approx 6 Kw @ 7000 RPM 8 Nm @ 7000 RPM
Gearbox: CVT
Kerb Weight: 117Kg
Performance: 0-100kph N/A seconds Approx
Max Speed N/A Kph Approx
Fuel Economy: 10 litre fuel tank
Approx 1.7 litres per 100km
Seat height: 710 mm
Dimensions: L1805 X W690 X H1040 mm
Wheels: 90-90-12F 110-80-10R
Recommended Retail Price: $3500 AUD (2020) + On roads
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