How to choose your first or new motorcycle – New motorcycle – Part 1

The purpose of this part of the website is to help new motorbike riders or riders coming back into the fold what to look for when choosing a new or used motorcycle. Once again I have to point out that this is my particular opinion on how to do the choosing. 

(Also note that the entire series of articles from my old site will eventually be transferred here.)

Choosing to ride a motorcycle is not like a car as I feel it is a more emotional decision, perhaps due to being a less popular choice of transportation (in many parts of the world) and the various stereotypes, safety issues etc… There are rational decisions too such as the ability avoid traffic jams and the low cost for huge performance, relative fuel efficiency basis. What ever the reasoning it is generally a big decision and one which will forever change your life and probably those around you in the best possible way. 

So you’ve made the decision to ride! Here are some pointers and info gleaned from many visitors over the years and myself that you may not have thought of in that big decision.

Motorcycles come in all shapes and sizes from 50cc scooters to 1800cc mega cruisers, and beyond!
If you’ve landed here you obviously want to find out :
How to choose your first motorcycle ?
How to choose your next motorcycle ?
Which motorcycle is best suited to you ?
What to look for in a used motorcycle ?
And the list goes on !

Let’s face it, the easy part was deciding to ride a motorcycle in the first place. So choosing your first motorcycle is probably the most exciting part of the experience because there are so many different types of and models of motorcycles to choose from. Furthermore since the introduction LAMS rules in the country the tasking of choosing even more extensive and potentially confusing.

Everyone is different, having different personal values, culture, body shape, loves and hates and so forth. However there is common ground for everyone but remember just because you live in the same continent doesn’t mean everyone has the same point of view. For example in many parts of Asia a 250cc bike is considered a luxury item and say a Ducati is an unattainable and impractical fantasy to most of them!

You also have to be careful when choosing and motorcycle based on emotional attachment as it may not be the best choice. I have in the past bought models based purely on looks for example which may not have been the best choice for me. You may do the same or want to purchase on price or specifications. In the end though, there is nothing wrong with any method of justification for the purchase of your bike as long as you are happy with it -for the long term or short term.

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