Indian_Thunder_Stroke_EngineThe heart of the new Victory motorcycle range is the Thunder Stroke 111 engine! Obviously 111 cubic inches of capacity or about 1811cc means it’s a pretty big 49 degree V-Twin cylinder motorcycle engine. 

It’s a brand new engine designed for Indian motorcycles in about 70 years to not only be state of the art yet retro for astetic, power delivery and of course sound purposes. Featuring push rods you can liken this to the the Anime and manga driven ‘steam punk’ influences. Look it up folks if you want to know more!

Since Indian motorcycles as a manufacturer pre-dates Harley Davidson you can believe them when they want to reclaim their title as a industry leader. Since the market is dominated by HD it is going to be quite hard to break into the category so we presume it will be a branding and marketing war. Why? Let’s face it the japanese manufacturers make technically better and generally more reliable motorcycles but they just doesn’t have the image. So I’m looking forward to what Indian Motorcycles are going to do for the general public!

That said the Indian’s styling will appeal to the younger crowd but it will take some time before the customisers get to work on making it a legendary brand that it once was. The following specifications are from the Press Release: 

Indian Motorcycle Thunder Stroke 111 Engine Specifications :

Engine Displacement: 111 cubic inches
Torque: More than 115 ft-lbs
Architecture: 49-degree V-twin, air-cooled with integrated oil cooler, left-side air intake, down firing exhaust system, parallel pushrod tubes
Crankcase: Unit design featuring a high capacity semi-dry sump oil system, oversized oil radiator
Timing System: 3 camshafts, pushrods, 2 valves per cylinder acting through maintenance-free hydraulic valve lifters, forged crankshaft
Fuel System: Electronic sequential port fuel injection and electronic throttle control
Compression Ratio: 9.5
Transmission: 6-speed overdrive, constant mesh, helical gearbox
Clutch: Low-effort, multi-plate wet clutch, aluminum basket, integral torsional damper


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