melbairportTravelling is often about your destination and doing things when you get there but there are plenty of things to do while getting there so the ‘getting get there part should not be considered a burden. Basically it’s about the journey too!

Long distance travel is not a confirmable experience unless you can afford a business or first class ticket especially on a plane. Since you can’t do anything about that there are ways maximise your time one the flight apart from sleeping if your can.

If you purchased a reasonably priced ticket you can always watch the various movies on their entertainment system. Plenty of movies, documentaries and foreign films to catchup on or experience. If you’ve planned ahead and are a gamer perhaps some games that can be played without an internet connection and title that you normally wouldn’t consider? If you got a cheap ticket you’ll probably need a book or your phone or tablet or even a laptop or something like that since very few planes in the budget class will have charging ports of your phone/tablet/computer. This is where a spare power back spare power bank becomes very handy. You will also be more cramped so good luck trying to sleep.

Other useful things you can do while stuck in your seat is to review your calendar, learn a foreign language, work out how to actually use your camera properly, one of my favourite pastime on a plan is to do the family budget especially recalculate the mortgage! Essentially do the thing that you’ve avoided doing because there are more fun things to do when you’re home.


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