Kawasaki KLX250SF Review

Welcome to my Kawwsaki KLX250SF review. The KLX250 badge has been around for over a decade in its original trail bike guise. However this is the 21st century and Kawasaki has updated its trail bike orientated specification sheet with more road or sports motorcycle orientated parts and transformed it into a supermotard or super moto.

For new motorcycle riders the combination of a trail/motorX bike with sports motorcycle parts is essentially a supermotard or supermoto. Since the KLX250 has been around for decades there are plenty of tried and tested enhancements you can perform for even better performance including a big bore 300cc conversion priced under $600. 

If you want one of the fastest accelerating 250cc motorcycles? then the KLX is the one to get, that’s because it weighs a mere 137Kg fully fueled and road ready. The only thing that slows this motorcycle down is the lack of a sport bike fairing.  However  the grippy tyres and suspension system will allow you to enjoy the KLX to its full potential where ever you want to go – especially the fantastic view of peak hour traffic. Aside from the performance it also looks good in real life, and with some after market pipes it sound even better.

In terms of engine specifications the KLX250SF are relatively old tech but despite its rough and ready single cylinder the sportsbike wheels and suspension together with light weigh make the most of what’s its got and it becomes a serious contender for learners and commuters. Perhaps the only things that would hamper the purchase decision is its relatively high price and seat height. At 860mm the seat height will mean only the long legged or more learner confident rider will be able to appreciate the KLX and priced over $7000 puts it within reach of some more modern and good looking competitors.

The most annoying issues with the KLX is the small fuel tank and despite the digital speedo it does not have a fuel gauge. The most reported problem with the KLX250SF is the location of the choke lever which is located under the seat and no doubt will cause much aggro with owners. With a price tag over $7000 these things and the lack of EFI really dents KLX’s appeal to new riders and commuters.

The KLX250SF is great effort at a ready made supermoto and one of the only 250cc motorcycles that you can perform a wheelie on. 

Kawasaki KLX250SF Upermoto Key Specifications
Engine:   Single cylinder 4-stroke DOHC (CArbs)
Capacity:  249cc
Power/Torque:  xxKw @ 8,500 RPM xxNm @ xxxx RPM 
Gearbox:   6 speed
Kerb Weight:  137kg
Performance:  0-100kph 8 seconds Approx
Max Speed 120Kph Approx 
Fuel Economy:   7.7 litre fuel tank
Approx 4 litres per 100km
Seat height:  860mm
Dimensions: L2130 X W795 X H1140
 Recommended Retail Price:   $7299 (2012)