Lenovo Tab 3

After much use the conclusion to my Lenovo Tab3 Essentials review is the following.

The Lenovo Tab3 is a decently fast and cheap Android OS tablet and arguably the cheapest 7 inch tablet in terms of hardware specifications despite competitors from cheaper brands. It scores highly in the hardware specifications comparison charts against equally cheap tablets.

You can install any App you want even the latest Asphalt although will run a little slower than on a more powerful tablet. I also never found any real music equaliser I could actually recommend or made much of an improvement in sound quality.  For that you need a tablet with a decent music DAC…

The biggest problem with the Lenovo Tab3 Essentials is the lack of Android OS updates. Mine is currently stuck to Version 5.0.1 which is highly restrictive. The critical flaw is with version 5 is that it does not allow you to install Apps or other software on the microSD card. Since the tablet only has 16G there’s not much room for games and other software. If I had known that Lenovo does not support the tablets with OS updates I would’t have bought it – so be warned! This problem also applies to the Lenovo Tab8 and Tab10 tablets as well which are stuck on version 5.0.1 Android which is plainly sucks big time. The branding use of ‘Pro’ and ‘Business Tablet’ on the other tablets is simply false advertising.

That said, Lenovo sends out some security updates from time to time which keeps things updated but without OS version updates it is a dead duck hardware. Throughly disappointing and thus I can no longer recommend buying the Tab7 Essentials (aka A7-10 7 inch) as a viable purchase  (There goes my chance for any freebies!)

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