2013_mahindraWelcome to the first  Mahindra motorcycle preview for 2013. Dependent on which country you’re reading this from you may have heard of the Mahindra brand… Since I have a few visitors from India here’s a preview.

Mahindra is a very large Indian motor company making and selling a variety of automotive vehicles.  The company acquired motorcycle manufacture facilities from Kinetic Motors. Mahindra are mainly  known for low priced farm vehicles in many countries. However like other companies it is on the path to greater things as it develops new products.

The new products from the company are the twins Pantero (right) and Centuro (left) motorcycles designed for the masses who need basic transport but at the same time want features or gadgets not found on other motorcycles in the class. In fact these features are rare on any motorcycle. Both Pantero and Centuro are powered by a single cylinder 110cc engine – which are very common in their home country of India.

Both models feature: CDI carbs, Engine immobiliser, Find me light, LED touch in key, modern LCD readouts and Trip computer. It is the little things that count in this class of mostly homogeneous models and of course purchase price.

I’m not sure why they released two models instead of one since the specifications are very much the same, besides isn’t easier to concentrate on building one great motorcycle first? Regardless, the primary competitors in the class are the very similar to look at Honda Dream Yugo and Bajaj Discover. The company also claims to be releasing a 300cc performance motorcycle in a few months.

I believe that it is unlikely that the Pantero or Centuro will be sold outside India given the mechanical specifications. That said if they could retail of unde $1000 on the road they may have a desirable niche model!

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