Marine Turbine Technologies (MTT) Y2K Superbike

This page is dedicated to the Marine Turbine Technologies Y2K Superbike.
This motorcycle has a weird name, look and of course performance. I had honestly forgotten about this particular motorcycle for a number of years because even if you could buy one you couldn’t ride it anywhere legally. Only watching a movie called Torque did it feature as hero vehicle that I finally did this page.

The MTT Turbine Superbike as it is now known, was originally announced and released in 1999/2000 hence its original name. It is a unique motorcycle in that it is built around a turbine engine used on helicopters. I believe that they use engines that have reached their serviceable end of life on the Bell Jet Ranger helicopter. The turbine engine is made by Rolls-Royce which adds a bit of class I think.

Now they claim that this is the world’s most ‘powerful production motorcycle’ according to the Guinness World records. Personally I don’t think is a ‘production’ motorcycle, that is one that can be bought and ridden off the showroom floor onto any public road around the world. The Y2K Superbike would never meet emissions or sound levels required for road use for a start and then these the fuel requirements – it doesn’t use unleaded or diesel – it runs on something call Jet-A fuel!

What ever the claims the Y2K Superbike may be technically the most powerful and fastest motorcycle in the world you can buy – ‘production motorcycle’ is stretching the claim though hence why it has its own page. 

MTT Y2K Superbike Specifications
Top speed:
Rolls Royce-Allison 250 series gas turbine
320HP @ 52,0000RPM (it is a helicopter engine after all!)
575Nm @ 2000RPM
2 speed auto
402kph (approx)