Microsoft Surface Pro – Window 8.1 Pro update


After the successful update to my Surface RT tablet I have now installed the Window 8.1 Update on the Surface Pro, worth about 3.6 Gig dependent on the speed of your internet connection will take about about 1-2 hours. None of my existing files or old desktop program where effected or deleted by the update which makes a nice change from past Windows updates.

To be completely honest the 8.1 update for the Surface Pro has not made any noticeable changes to the system other than those I had already mentioned in my last post on the RT version. The action of the Start button reinforces the purpose of the new Start menu system – which allows you to launch any installed application or old program. If Microsoft had done this in the first place it would have prevented much of the misunderstanding by certain less than clever internet publications. However the good thing is that its helped me easily identify who I shouldn’t be reading in the first place!

I also read the reports on the release of the new versions of both RT 2 and Pro 2 of the tablet! The new hardware on both machine should be well appreciated especially the claimed doubled battery life. I only get about 4 hours on the Pro and probably a few more on the RT version at the moment. 

I am very happy with the Pro tablet as easily replaces my ancient laptop and a few years old desktop as it does run all the older programs I purchased years ago and it is a genuinely a fast little computer. It copes easily with connection to a 23 inch monitor and blue-tooth keyboard and mouse combo. The Surface Pro is also easy to pack up and carry with me and use in tablet mode when on the road. I’m surprised that the Surface Pro doesn’t get better reviews. I suspect more not so smart publishers out there who as a little slow on the uptake.

In terms of pricing I did initially baulk at the high price but considering that the Surface Pro easily out performs even my old i7 Quad core iMac validates the purchases. I can even run iTunes and Sync with the iPhone through the tablet which is very impressive.