Microsoft Surface RT Review – Problems

surface_boxOk with a few more weeks under normal usage, the Surface RT still works perfectly however I have encountered a number of issues and problems with the operating system –  Windows RT.

The first and most obvious problem is that Microsoft App store really needs more developers it is quite bare and many of the Apps are not as good as the Android or Apple Apps given that they are made by the same developers. Then again there are a small number of gems that are at least better than those on Android or iPads. Despite that lack of 3rd party Apps, the out of the box usefulness is excellent.

The second most glaring fault is the absence of Microsoft Outlook email software. I do understand from a developer’s point of view why it’s not there BUT the inclusion of software will convince many more to buy a Windows RT tablet.

The third problem is bad press: I can’t understand why claimed professional commentators don’t understand the difference between the touch orientated Start menu interface and the desktop option. I believe that Microsoft have managed to hide all the more geek settings quite nicely for the average non-geek user. That said Windows RT can still do multiple windows and even split screen if you need it to? I think they need to be a bit smarter because if a 60 year old and a 10 year old over Christmas can understand it after less than an hour with it… Mind you the only problem was locating the context sensitive search function.

That said everything is relative and after using the Surface RT exclusively when I picked up and iPad  for comparison, the Apple product did feel less polished. The Apps store is the only feature that keeps the iPad in front.

Update Jan 2013: That said the Microsoft store is a very flaky piece of software. Sometimes it works and sometime it doesn’t…

Update Feb 2013: Drop down menus on certain websites no longer work properly. Very disappointing since they work on the iPad.

I haven’t liked Microsoft operating systems for a while now but I think Windows RT and Windows 8 is step in the right direction especially as a home user.