Welcome to part two of my series on important new motorcycle releases for 2014. I regard the learner  and commuter motorcycle class as those under 650cc and having less than 4 cylinders. The reasons for this are very simple, relatively cheap to run, registration, insurance and meets the law if learning and the fun factor! 

Another important new release for 2014 will be the Harley Davidson Street 500 and Street 750 custom cruisers. The pictures here are the Dark Custom scheme. The press releases say that is a new platform for the brand designed to use the all new Revolution X type engine package designed for young urban riders around the world. It’s a blank canvas for new owners to customise.


Only the 500cc version is interesting since the Street 500 could possibly meet LAMS requirements. It will also be interesting how Harley Davidson in Australia will package or even sell and price these models since there are plenty of other cruisers on the market here. Priced appropriately the street editions could be best sellers but of course there is quite a big issue with them:

The Street 500 are Street 750 are not true Harley Davidson’s though, only because they are NOT built in the US (To be built in India) for international markets. Some cars and motorcycles can be built anywhere else without any concerns but this is supposed to be a Harley Davidson. So if its not made in the United States of America that is a problem because I expect my Harley to be built in the US. Just like I expect a Rolls Royce to be built in the UK and Ferrari’s in Italy, Harley Davidson’s should be built in America, that’s the how the brand was built on and anything else is simply not acceptable. 

Although I do think it is a smart move to bring the brand downmarket the new Harley Street series does not look enough like a traditional Harley as they are smaller motorcycles and ride higher up too, we shall see it it doesn’t depart too far from established formula to detract buyers from the higher profit models. I wonder what the business case was for this?


 For my international visitors the price in India for the Harley Davidson Street is estimated to be around 500,000 Rupees.

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