Motorcycle sales figures

The page details the Australian motorcycle landscape. Essentially these are publicly available statistics (media releases) and the FCAI related to motorcycle sales in Australia. 

I decided to collect this information as it will allow those who ‘came late’ to the world of motorcycles. Aside from that I am genuinely interested in what goes on outside the world of Suzuki’s in general. I’ll try to get more detailed stats on specific model sales over the years.

However since the first post in about 2006 – no-one really read or provided any feedback so I stopped updating! It has been transferred to this new section for historical purposes.

2006 to date.
52,379 to end of June motorcycles, including quads where sold.
Top brands are: Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki followed in the distance by the others. Over 6500 where scooters which is now the biggest selling category.

2005 saw a record 102,142 motorcycles hit the road or track.
It’s the highest number in 30 years.

2004 saw 89,374 motorcycle sold in all.