Just a quick update this week since it is a long weekend here and I’ve got things to do!

Being out and about means that I’ll be on my original Surface Pro tablet doing my usual stuff. Speaking of which Microsoft has just announced the all new and larger Surface Pro 3 tablet last week.

Now I am a fan of the Surface design concept and where Windows is heading as it literally pushes the masses towards a arguably better way of interacting with your computer. Once again I am so literally stunned how so call reputable BLOGS and the like simply don’t get it! One particular reviewer with a Apple Mac in the background of all things showed everyone how small minded she was, unable to grasp the benefits of touch screen and a physical keypad as in blaming the keyboard for the majority of problems. I think everyone knows where the problem lies and its not the keyboard! These people are literally holding back new concepts, designs and technology, the some ones who complained loudly when CD and DVD drives started disappearing. Sure the concept is not perfect but at least with each new design it gets better! That said it is also nice to see some of the less intelligent ones understanding the new Start menu – after many many many months.

Comparing the Macbook Air with the Surface is not really relevant. I’ve already tried to do it since I am in the market for a new computer and I couldn’t believe how slow and primitive the Macbook Air was. Updated operating systems usually take faster to load but Apple is going back wards and the Macbook took forever to load and run things. Furthermore the problem is that every device these days has a touch screen and I am used to it, thus poking the screen every so often because the Macbook Air was sluggish to respond (the mouse does’t count).  It was not just me either at the store that did that…

I can only ask that you go to the shops and give Surface and Windows 8 with a touch screen a decent go – it’ll impress the kids not end or scare them…



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