My computer – March 2015 update

asustx300Final update about my formally new ASUS laptop running Windows 8.1 – because I’s really happy with it today (found a cool game UC)! Now the design notebook is a ‘convertible’ so I can take the screen off and use it as a tablet leaving the keyboard additional battery and hard drives behind. As you can guess this means I can’t access the bigger HD but thanks to the design I can still use the on screen keyboard with still plenty of run time as a tablet. The best feature is of course the ability to use the touch screen for most things without needing the mouse or mouse pad.

I don’t really have any issues with Windows 8 since it has not failed once despite all the stuff I’ve been doing on it. Most of the old software still works and while I do understand how the touch friendly interface can frustrate a new user you learn how it work pretty quickly.

Although many of the ‘convertible’ laptops have numerically slower CPUs in them there’s not much difference if you are using it as a tablet. Only when running PC software will you really need the faster CPU. Give Windows and the ‘convertible’ notebook a go (don’t believe I wrote that).

As I’ve probably said this before but temporarily blinded by my game find -there are plenty of Apps available now but at least you can still install lots of older games and even business software on it that you still use.

Late 2015 update: Updated to Windows 10 and it works even better.